Situated on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge, Bridge of the Gods is nestled comfortably and discretely into an existing hillside neighborhood.  Approached from above on the north side, the visitor is presented with a low modest facade with generous overhangs.  The compact one-story plan cascades gently down the slope and slowly opens to the breathtaking views of the river, the Bridge of the Gods crossing, and the Cascade Mountains beyond.  High levels of insulation, extremely airtight construction, high performing triple glazed windows, and a super-efficient heat recovery ventilator allow the house to meet the stringent requirements of the German Passivhaus standard. Generous amounts of south facing glazing maximize the views and solar gains, while a large fixed overhang blocks unwanted summer heat gain and protects from the strong east winds. Cor-ten steel provides a durable skin while stained wood siding provides warmth at the main entry and south deck.

Stevenson, WA

1800 sf gross | 1505 sf (treated floor area)

Team: Jeff Stern, Drew Krauss

Construction 2019