small project update

we recently shared some drawings and photos of a small bathroom remodel inspired by the japanese bath house.   the work is complete and it turned out quite nicely (thanks to right arm construction).  here are some photos of the completed project:

a quick reminder of what it once was.

small project update

as we mentioned in our last small project update, we are working on another remodel of an existing bathroom.  although these projects are not huge and flashy, our client is awesome and we love this little project.  it definitely challenges the notion of what a bathroom can be.

inspired by the japanese bath house, a new skin of wood wraps the entire room.  a wall to wall skylight is inserted over the shower to flood the room with daylight.  to minimize costs, the existing framing and fixture layout was retained.

the existing ceiling was cut back from the shower wall and a sloped well was framed up to the new skylight.  we projected the ceiling into the well just enough to position a new concealed fluorescent uplight to add some evening drama.  to avoid any structural impact and keep things simple and raw, we allowed the existing rafters to run through the well exposed.

the wood is reclaimed douglas fir that was salvaged from an old willamette river dock and milled by creative woodworking.

right arm construction is the general contractor, and is doing a beautiful job.  check back soon for images of the finished project.